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Advisory & Dissemination Board

− Leyla Arsan, CEO TAGES Industry & Information Technologies R&D Inc., Istanbul, Turkey

Cecilia Batalla, Associate Professor in City and Regional Planning, University of Cantabria, Santander, Spain

− Tuija Hirvikoski, Laurea University of Applied Sciences & President of European Network of Living Labs, Helsinki, Finland

The Advisory and Dissemination Board (A&DB) enhances the quality and transferability of the SmarterLabs guidelines, in order to maximize effective dissemination and impact of the project results. To this end, the A&DB members

  • participate in joint project meetings, give feedback and advice on the achieved results and ongoing activities of the project;
  • organize dissemination workshops in their own cities (Santander and Istanbul) to test and refine the SmarterLabs guidelines in Northern and Southern European city contexts to ensure broad European applicability of the novel approach;
  • produce an interim and final report for internal use by the project partners.

The members of the A&DB are actively involved during the entire lifetime of the project. They are international experts on the main topics of the SmarterLabs project with extensive relevant networks and boundary workers in the sense of their connections and experience with academia, policymakers and other stakeholders.


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