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SmarterLabs Guidelines & Video


Smarter Living Labs: New ways to address urban challenges 
(watch video with subtitles in Italian)

As a result of action research experiments in four cities and three additional dissemination workshops the SmarterLabs project developed guidelines for "smarter" Living Labs. These are specifically designed to address barriers to upscaling that may stem from resistance to large-scale change in socio-technical systems and from people being excluded. They are a useful tool for researchers, businesses, citizens, or any other stakeholder who considers organizing or participating in a Living Lab.

On this page you can access and download the full guidelines as well as a handy shortened version. In addition, you can have a look at a video linked above which explains what the "smarter" Living Lab approach is all about.

If you want to cite the contents, please use this reference: Dijk, M., da Schio, N., Diethart, M., Höflehner, T., Wlasak, P., Castri, R., Cellina, F., Boussauw, K., Cassiers, T., Chemin, L., Cörvers, R., de Kraker, J., Kemp, R., van Heur, B. (2019). How to anticipate constraints on upscaling inclusive Living Lab experiments, SmarterLabs project 2016-2019, JPI Urban Europe.


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