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On this page you can download the results of the SmarterLabs project. Throughout the project lifetime these become visible in deliverables which are attached to work packages and represent the outcomes of the corresponding research activities. In addition you can find articles and media appearances of the project in the press coverage section. Further information is also promoted through our Facebook page


Publications (selection)

  • Self-Portraits of Personal Exposure to Air Pollution: on where and when People Are Exposed, and on why it Is Difficult to Avoid
    Author: da Schio N.
    Human Ecology, Springer. 2020.
  • Co-creating app-based policy measures for mobility behavior change: A trigger for novel governance practices at the urban level
    Authors: Cellina F., Castri R., Simão J.V., Granato P.
    Sustainable Cities and Society. 2019. 53.
  • Urban Labs als Trend für eine nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung
    Authors: Diethart M., Höflehner T.
    GEOGRAZ. Grazer Mitteilungen der Geographie und Raumforschung. 2018. 63. 11-14.
  • L’air d’un Bruxellois: self-portraits of personal exposure to air pollution
    Authors: da Schio N., Dubois A., Herr C., Xenophontos K., Glorie L., Coulonval M.
    Toxic News (September 2018)
  • Anticipating Constraints on Upscaling from Urban Innovation Experiments
    Authors: Dijk M., de Kraker J., Hommels A.
    Sustainability. 2018; 10(8):2796. 
  • Cellina. F., Simão, J., Mangili, F., Vermes, N., Granato, P. Outcomes of a smart city Living Lab prompting low-carbon mobility patterns by a mobile app. In: Proceedings of the 18th Swiss Transport Research Conference STRC 2018, Ascona, May 16-18, 2018.

  • Cellina. F., Castri, R., Veiga Simão, J., Lessons from a mobility smart city Living Lab triggering new governance practices at the urban level. In Proceedings of “Breaking the Rules! Energy Transitions as Social Innovations International Conference”, Berlin, June 2018.

  • Cellina, F., Castri, R., Diethart, M., Höflehner, T., Da Schio, N., Dijk, M., Constraints on upscaling and social inclusion in smart city Living Lab experiments and ways to anticipate them: lessons from four “smarter” labs. In Open Living Lab Days 2018 Research and Innovation Conference Proceedings 2018, European Network of Living Labs, ISBN (e-book): 9789082102789, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1434741.

  • Cellina. F., Veiga Simão, J., Granato, P., Co-designing a persuasive app promoting a less car-dependant community: introducing the Bellidea Living Lab. In Book of abstracts Behave 2018 - The 5th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency, Zurich, September 2018.

  • Vermes, N., Mangili, F., Cellina, F., Veiga Simão, J. Accurate transport mode detection in Smartphone-based mobility tracking for sustainable mobility. In Proceedings of the FTAL 2018 Conference on Industrial Applied Data Science, Lugano, Switzerland, 18-19 October 2018.


Press Coverage (selection)

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