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Retrospective analysis available for download

Friday, 27 October 2017

The "Report on retrospective analysis on urban mobility governance" presents learning from past projects.

Following the "Report on research methodology and literature review" (Work Package 2), now the "Report on retrospective analysis on urban mobility governance" is ready. 

In the report on literature review carried out in WP2 we looked at the main bodies of literature that are relevant for our research in order to make broader conclusions concerning the challenges of social inclusion and upscaling of Living Labs. Based on these, WP3 aimed to learn about local specificities from past experiences with innovation projects in the four cities of Bellinzona, Brussels, Graz and Maastricht taking into account their local governance structure.

The findings from the literature review in WP2 and the retrospective analysis in WP3 allow us to identify certain constraints to social inclusion and upscaling as well as ways to anticipate them. The gathered knowledge is used to guide the action research and the design of the Living Lab experiments in WP4. They each have different approaches and goals and thus offer a wide range of possibilities to apply and test findings from WP2 and WP3.

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