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Exchange in Istanbul

Samstag, 02.06.2018

From May 30th to June 1st the fourth project meeting including a dissemination workshop took place in Istanbul.

The second dissemination workshop in the SmarterLabs project took place in Istanbul. Its purpose was to enrich the learnings from the four partner cities (Bellinzona, Brussels, Graz and Maastricht) with experiences from the Turkish metropole of Istanbul. The meeting was supported by the project's external advisor Leyla Arsan who invited Living Lab practitioners and representatives of the municipality to meet the researchers of the SmarterLabs project.

So far the SmarterLabs project identified more than ten typical constraints for Living Labs in terms of upscaling and social inclusion. These constraints could be observed in past mobility projects in the four partner cities of Bellinzona, Brussels, Graz and Maastricht as well as in the ongoing Living Lab experiments. At the same time the researchers seek for solutions to avoid such pitfalls in the first place. The exchange with practitioners in other cities outside the SmarterLabs consortium is of great importance, even more with a city as big as Istanbul. The urban laboratory Studio-X Istanbul offered the perfect location to facilitate intensive discussions. Also present in this dissemination workshop was Cecilia Batalla, external advisor in the SmarterLabs project. Together with Leyla Arsan she reflected on the learnings so far and gave recommendations for further research activities respectively on how to translate them into final products (practitioners brief, policy brief etc.).

The event in Istanbul was the second out of three dissemination workshops - the next one will follow in Santander in autumn 2018.

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